"What’s going on there, evolution?"

"I’m trying to come up with some new insect shapes. I’m tired of them all just getting eaten all the time."

"Well, that’s kind of how you made the food chain, isn’t it?"

"I want this planthopper to look fierce. I want it to look formidable. I want any lousy would-be predator to stand back in quietly trembling awe and never even dream trying to swallow it.”

"So… you gave it a peanut for a head?"

"Hey, it’s a work in progress, okay?"

Source: Hectonichus/Wikimedia Commons

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It’s been a great year for blossom.


"Hey, evolution, what’s that you’re working on?"


"Is it a spider?"


"Wait, is it… doing cartwheels across the desert?


"What? Why? What’s wrong with just running really fast like all the other spiders?"


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Hello World!

Cor, look, I’m still here, aren’t I. Bet you didn’t expect that, did ya?

Haven’t got anything to say, mind.


"Hey, evolution, what are you doing for Halloween?"

"Well, I made this moth, and then I dressed it up like two flies feeding on a big wet pile of bird crap."


"I even made it smell like bird crap.”

"I see."

"Isn’t it awesome?"

"Why couldn’t you just do ‘sexy cat’ like everyone else?"

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Eating the FlowersI have just eaten my very first daylily flowers, ‘Stella d’Oro’, which is just starting to flower…View Post

Eating the Flowers

I have just eaten my very first daylily flowers, ‘Stella d’Oro’, which is just starting to flower…

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The ‘C’ Word

I have been using the ‘C’ word a lot recently. Yes, Christmas is coming and for once I have been buying and preparing for it early. We only buy presents for close family; parents and siblings, and there is only one child, my ten-year-old nephew, to buy for. This year I am thinking of making edible gifts, giving each person a mini-hamper of home made goodies like a selection of shortbread, sweeties, a luxury hot chocolate kit and some fabulous Christmas cupcakes, which are like mini alcoholic fruitcakes baked in muffin cases and decorated appropriately. Recipe link here:

I will also be buying small ‘token’ presents for everyone, which is where I am stumped as usual. That is, with the exception of the nephew, who knows exactly what he wants, as most kids do. He wants another HM Armed Forces figure (read: boys’ doll), which is one of those items from Argos where you have a selection under one order code and you choose the one you want. Only the the one you need is the only one they don’t have, so you end up having to get a refund…

Perhaps ‘Christmas’ isn’t the ‘c’ word I mean after all…

River Wansbeck in Morpeth. Oh dear…

What Are Prime Numbers?


What Are Prime Numbers?

Yup, exactly

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